Monday, 31 December 2012

This blog is my homage to the crazy, mad, funny but lovable entity we call India. Yes, it happens only in India.


I think it's an open secret by now. The best dances or rather dance moves, are not seen in the films (or movies, as Americans call them). Rather, it seems that marriage/ party/ celebration halls are the venues that host the best dances moves. Actually, I am struggling with the right words. "Best" does not quite describe it. "Creative", "Superhuman", "Multidimensional" are the words that come to mind, but there is no word that combines all these terms. Why don't you watch the video first? It will blow your mind out. The background song is also pretty famous. Yes, my friend. It is your favourite track from Dahiya Music Company, recorded in Rohtak - that famous and peerless city in Haryana. 

Now three things may be noted. One, the moment alcohol enters the bloodstream of the Indian male, he feels an irresistible urge to jump and hop, with his hands and feet going in all possible directions. Second, there is something about marriages especially that gets men going. And how. And third, once he starts, the male of Indian species does not like to stop. 

Which brings us to the second video of today. It again features a male of the Indian species, but a slightly older one. But what super moves. Age has clearly made him better, just like wine. Check it out.

Now do you agree with me? Of course, you do. Nothing like marriage dances. And no one dances like male of the Indian species.

Our third video also features the Indian male or gent. Now this one is a familiar, but curious occurrence. Why? For some reason, the Indian gent likes to gesture while dancing. And there is a direct correlation between the state of drunkenness and amount of gestures. Of course, in that divine state of supreme drunkenness when everything ceases to matter, the gent also goes quieter, but no less creative. Do have a look.

And finally, when it comes to dances and dancing, how can dear old Punjabis be behind? Punjabis are lovely, hearty type of people who think nothing of gorging on butter chicken and doing good old bhangra. But in case you thought that bhangra was the domain of well built and well weighted gentlemen, you could not be more wrong. Enjoy the following number, and do keep an eye on the lean & mean Titu Singh Ahluwalia (a dear friend of mine, by the way). Now as they say in America, ain't he something?

I hope I have presented my case well. QED.

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Thanks...and happy dancing, you male of the Indian species.

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