Thursday, 29 November 2012

We Are all Desi...Long live Desification of India

Have you all noticed how there is a wave of desification all round?

Now what is desification? 

You know in good old days when there were more "proper" English speakers in India than Great Britain; the high noon of St. Stephen's College & its ilk (Think of Stephen's, think of people who spoke English with an accent that died with Queen Victoria, but survived in Stephanians, but of course). 

Now what about Stephen's and the good old days? Well, you could find people who could say "Pray, you are obfuscating the issue quite deliberately" quite effortlessly. Ahhh, those were the days. Where will you find such people today? 

Despite the presence of 1 billion English teaching schools and the efforts of the entire Punjabi community, we have lost that touch. We really have. But pray, I don't mean to bemoan (did I just say bemoan? O my God) the loss. Rather, my endeavour (I am really losing it now) is to celebrate the vibrant, effervescent "Desi" culture of today. Why don't you watch the video to get what I am saying?

Now my dear brothers and sisters, this is MTV - a true blue American brand wishing you "Merry Christmas" with more than a dash of balle balle. Do you get it now? This is "desification". It is a culture that belongs to neither East, West, North or South. It is somehow an inclusive entity, a common voice that represents all the voices and sensibilities of India. So it works throughout India.

Without much ado (as they say in Stephen's), see the same video rendered in Gujju & Tam (Gujarati & Tamil) style.

So now you know why Kolaveri Di was such a hit throughout India. Naturally, films, brands, people everybody, almost unknowingly have adopted the desi style (ishtyle) and lingo. Watch this Coke ad & listen to "Ye Cokewa kitne ka hai?".

Wait, this is only the beginning. We have come to revel (again, Stephen's ki bhasha) in our own unique "desi" style. Everything has gone desi, including our world view. And it has set our imagination on fire. How about Kate & William getting married the "desi" way? Have a look. 

Marvelous my dear Watson, I mean Bhure lal.

Now we take it very seriously when the West sets some trend. And indeed it is Americans, this time Hollywood, that came up with this brilliant idea of dubbing Spiderman 3 in Bhojpuri. It really set the ball rolling. And the rest is itihaas (I mean history). Savour Spiderman saying "Humka Tohaar Madad Chahi".

So "desiness" has come to stay. It has come from within. It's a part of us. Love it. Enjoy it. And imagine...if James Bond spoke Punjabi. Would it not be lovely?

Work of a genius. So then, Be Desi...Eat Desi...Create Desi.


PS.: As I finish this post, there is a power cut. Kya karein, Bhagwaan aur bijli vibhaag ki yahi marzi hai.

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